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Rubber Tarp Straps with S Hook (100-Pack)

Rubber Tarp Straps with S Hook (100-Pack)

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Designed to hold tarp covers in place, these straps effectively prevent movement and spillage during cargo transportation.


  • Strap Length: 21" (53 cm) for versatile cargo securing.
  • Nature Rubber: constructed from highly pressed rubber granules (recycled material) for durability.
  • High sliding friction coefficient of 0.6 for enhanced load security.
  • Suitable for a temperature range of -40/+239°F (-40/+115℃), ensuring versatile usage.
  • Comes with S hooks for secure attachment.
  • Equipped with anti-slip pads available in various shapes, and sizes for your convenience.
  • Units per package: 50pcs/box.
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